The Witch and the Beast English dub stars lesser known actors as Guideau and Ashaf

The Witch and the Beast English dub debuts this week

Crunchyroll has announced The Witch and the Beast English dub cast, with two of the voice actor world’s lesser known voice actors playing the main roles of Ashaf and Guideau.


A superb opportunity for them. Especially as they are acting alongside several very experienced voice actors.

The two main actors voicing the anime’s protagonists are:

Rowan Gilvie (Majutsushi in Goblin Slayer II) who is voicing Guideau


Xan Cramer (Gleipnir in Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts) playing Ashaf

They join:

Lydia Mackay (Flamme in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End) as Ione

Kelly Greenshield (Yuzuki Aoba in Temple) as Marie


Kent Williams (Narrator in Solo Leveling) as the Narrator

As for staff, veteran voice actor and director Jeremy Inman (ADR Director for My Home Hero) is the Voice Director, and James Cheek is adapting the original Japanese anime for an English language audience.

The Witch and the Beast English dub will premiere later this week on Crunchyroll.

The original The Witch and the Beast Japanese language release

The first episode of the 12-episode Japanese language anime The Witch and the Beast premiered on January 12th, with the third episode due out on Friday, January 26th.

It follows Guideau and Ashaf, a woman and a man who are in search of revenge. Guideau due to being cursed by a witch, and Ashaf with secrets he has yet to tell.

And while Ashaf, who carries a coffin on his back is soft-spoken and refined, Guideau is wild and would kill you rather than look at you.

Together the two traverse the land while working for the Order of Magical Resonance, with one swearing they will kill the other as soon as their goals are met.

The original anime The Witch and the Beast, which is one of the more unusual anime in a long time, is being directed by Takayuki Hamana (Arte), with Yuichiro Momose (So I’m a Spider, So What?) in charge of series composition, and Hiroya Iijima (The God of High School) designing the characters.

Yokohama Animation Lab (The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt) is in charge of anime production.

The anime is based on the hit manga series Kosuke Satake, which is being published in English by Kodansha.

The manga series has all 10 available volumes out in English, with the manga series currently on an indefinite hiatus due to the poor health of the mangaka.

The Witch and the Beast English dub will premiere on Crunchyroll tomorrow, January 25th, 2024.