The Worricker Trilogy ‘Turks and Caicos’ on BBC 2 Thursday March 20th (Video)



Just a quick reminder not to miss the second part of The Worricker Trilogy¬†– ‘Turks and Caicos‘ soon to be airing on BBC Two. The first part in the series, The Worricker Trilogy – Page Eight – was first aired in 2011 but the second and third parts have been a long time coming.


According to the BBC, however, The Worricker Trilogy – ‘Turks and Caicos’ – will be airing on Thursday March 20th at 9pm. Can you say “Hurrah?”

It will, of course, again star the awesome British actor Billy Nighy, as well as an excellent international cast that includes Christopher Walken, Winona Ryder, Helena Bonham Carter, and Ralph Fiennes.

It was filmed in both London, and the British Overseas Territory Turks and Caicos.

Salting The Battlefield is the third part of the trilogy, but there’s no word yet as to when that will be aired. Some time later in 2014 is all we have heard, but I’ll keep you updated about more specific dates.

Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for The Worricker Trilogy – ‘Turks and Caicos’ below and remember to mark it in your calendar as a “Must Watch”.




Michelle Topham