The Yogscast Play WazHack Made Me Buy This Game: It’s Awesome (Video)

The Yogscast made me buy WazHack

I buy a lot of games after seeing them played by YouTube Let’s Players and the indie game WazHack is no exception. A video just published has Lewis and Simon of The Yogscast playing WazHack, a game that before I’d watched the video I’d never heard of, and after I’d seen it all I could think was “What the hell?”.

WazHack it turns out, though, is an awesome game and completely addictive. (Just don’t watch how The Yogscast’s Simon plays is – he’s incredibly naff). Created by an Australian indie developer, who has been working on the game for a couple of years, WazHack will cause you to lose sleep for many many nights. I promise.

So…..what is WazHack?

WazHack is a dungeon crawler — sort of. In it, you choose a random character with randomly generated stats and then head down a long ladder into the dungeons beneath.

Once there you have to fight off rats, goblins, dwarves, spiders, wolves, weird acidy blob things and just about any other form of monster or nasty mythic creature you can think of. All while picking up loot, weapons and healing potions, and going down and down via those never-ending ladders.

Like most dungeon crawlers, in WazHack you’ll level up the more beasties you kill, you can buy equipment at any of the shops you’ll find in the dungeons below, but….. do be careful when you quaff those weird potions you pick up as you have no idea what they do……until you drink them, that is, and then things start to get really quite odd.

WazHack is an hilarious game to play, as well as one that’s very challenging. Oh, that’s right, I forgot to mention no matter how well you play WazHack and how many level ups you get or levels down you go, if you die……it’s perma death and you start all over again.

Plus, with around 300 levels to complete, you could be there a while.

Check out The Yogscast play WazHack video below. It is the first in a series, so we can all hope poor Simon gets better. Then head over to the WazHack website, where you can play about 20 minutes of the game online and then, if you love it as much as I do, buy it.

For only 5 bucks (Australian bucks, so only around $4.63 in American dosh), it’s a steal.

Michelle Topham