The Yogscast’s New ‘Race for the Wool’ is as Funny as Always (Video)

yogscast lewis and simon race for the wool

I am an obsessive Minecraft player. Meaning hours of my life go by while I am playing, and I don’t even notice. That obsession, of course, includes watching hours of other people playing Minecraft on YouTube.

Yep, we gamers do that.


My current favorite Minecraft gamers are Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast. Two British guys, who started their gaming channel a few years ago just to have some fun, they now have one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube with almost 3 billion views.

Not surprising really, as they are incredibly entertaining.

One of the Minecraft custom maps The Yogscast plays periodically is ‘Race for the Wool‘, a map where two teams are given identical sides of the map to play, and have to find three blocks of wool to bring back to the monument and place there.

The first team with all three wool blocks placed on the monument wins.

Sounds easy? Well it’s not.

Not when, at night, all the mobs come out and try to kill you, while the opposing team is attempting to shoot you off the blocks you’re defending with a bow and arrow.

The Yogscast have currently played three rounds of ‘Race for the Wool‘, each as crazy as the other, and just started their fourth round this week.

The teams for this round of The Yogscast plays ‘Race for the Wool‘ are Team 1 – Lewis, Kim, Sips, Simon and Turps with Team 2 made up of Hat Films, Duncan, and Hannah.

Watch the first one below. As usual, it’s funny.

Just be warned, their language is more than a bit colorful but, yep, it adds to the atmosphere.