The Yogscast’s Sips Plays Spore: As Boring as It Always Was (Video)

Sips plays Spore – not his fault, but it’s still boring

I remember when I bought Spore when it first came out. I was so excited to have my own little creatures that I could play ‘God’ with my hands were practically shaking. But, by the time I’d figured out not only was Spore loaded with DRM in the form of SecuROM, but was also incredibly unstable and, the most important thing, mind-numbingly boring, I think I played 10 hours before I passed the disc on to a friend.

This week, however, I noticed The Yogscast’s Sips is playing Spore and, curious to see if it was as dull as I remember it being, I tuned in. Yep, it certainly is. In fact, it didn’t get any better in the five years I’ve been away from it.

Scarily, it might even be worse?

If you like Sips, though, and haven’t played this god-awful game (get it?) you might want to watch his first video below. I couldn’t get past the first episode as I dislike the gameplay so much.

If you can, he currently has eight videos up, and there are more on the way.


Michelle Topham