There is No Such Thing as a Minecraft Premium Account: You’re Being Scammed

A Minecraft premium account does not exist

I am sick and tired of being bombarded by emails offering me a ‘Minecraft premium account’, comments on YouTube from scammers saying they can get anyone a ‘Minecraft premium account’, and even people commenting on Leo Sigh (before I blocked all comments) selling the same thing.

Can I just say, once and for all, there is no such thing as a Minecraft premium account.

There is also no such thing as a Minecraft premium account generator or a Minecraft premium account hack, so don’t believe anyone online who tells you they can get one for you.


What there is is a legitimate account to download and play Minecraft and, for that, you have to go to, pay your $26.95 to Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, and then download the game.

The Minecraft Premium Account Scam

So why are there so many people offering or selling a ‘Minecraft premium account’ online?

Simple – IT’S A SCAM.

Any website or person that offers you a Minecraft account like this is either going to be downloading a virus to your computer along with your fake (and useless!) Minecraft account, or they are going to be sending you a trojan that will infect your computer, steal your passwords or your identity, or send you a file that isn’t even remotely related to Minecraft – after they’ve taken your money, of course.

How to play Minecraft

Unfortunately, for anyone who doesn’t have the money to buy the game that is, If you want to play Minecraft you only have two choices.


You can either download and play the free very basic version that Mojang offers (available at just to try out the game, or you can pay your money and buy the game legitimately.

Those are your two choices — plain and simple — so don’t believe anyone who tells you they can give you or sell you a Minecraft premium account. They can’t, because such an account only exists in the mind of the person trying to scam you.

Michelle Topham