These 2 Bad North walkthroughs will help you beat this difficult roguelite game

Need a Bad North walkthrough? These two may help

The new Plausible Concept indie RTS roguelite game Bad North was officially released on November 16th, and it has quickly become one of the most popular new releases on Steam.

In it, you defend your island kingdom against a huge number of Viking invaders, and try to save as many houses as you can from the invading horde. Every house you save rewards you with coins at the end of every level that you can then spend on upgrading your troops.

While that might sound simple, it really isn’t. Especially when the difficulty in gameplay keeps ramping up as you continue to play, until all your commanders eventually get killed.


Then you remember, yes, Bad North is a game that features permadeath and now you are going to have to start playing it all over again right from the beginning.

If you are just starting playing Bad North, and you are quite good at RTS games, you may think you can beat this one quite easily. (Let’s just pause here while I laugh myself sick).

In fact, you may not want to get too cocky, because Bad North can be one of the most frustrating, annoying and difficult RTS games you will play.

In other words, the game is simple to learn, but incredibly difficult to master.

So much so, you may want to get some tips from a Bad North walkthrough before you start your first run through.


Or watch an hour or two of a Bad North walkthrough if you are playing already, constantly dying, and so feel like you are never going to beat the game due to what seem like impossible odds.

That’s where a Bad North walkthrough comes in

Which is why I have two walkthroughs for you to check out today.

The first is a Bad North walkthrough from YouTube gamer Dreagast.

His walkthrough consists of just one four hour video during which time he does a full run of the game on the normal difficulty setting. And yes, it also includes the game ending.

Be warned, if you are not a fan of a lot of swearing, Dreagast’s video might be one to miss, as he doesn’t watch his language much. (I don’t mind, but you might!)

But it is a good video to watch if you tend to learn from other people’s mistakes, as Dreagast makes many.

Aavak’s Bad North walkthrough series

My other choice of a decent Bad North walkthrough is the series from Welsh gamer Aavak. He currently has a playlist of videos up that all together is around six hours in length.

Aavak’s walkthrough is good as he tends to explain the game’s rules, gives tips you can follow for your own gaming effort, and explains why he chooses to do what he does as he plays.

He is also calming to listen to, and his language tends to be clean. And, if you want a walkthrough with a better player and where you are likely to learn how to play yourself, Aavak’s is the best one to watch.

You can watch Dreagast’s full four hours of gameplay in the first video below.

The second one is the first video in Aavak’s series. You can find all of his walkthrough videos on his YouTube playlist.

You can buy Bad North DRM-free on GOG.

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Michelle Topham