These best Two Point Hospital walkthroughs will help you beat this business simulation game

Which are the best Two Point Hospital walkthroughs?

The new business simulation game Two Point Hospital has just been released by Sega. The Two Point Studios developed game is based on the brilliant 1997 Bullfrog game Theme Hospital, which you can still buy on GOG DRM-free and for only 6 bucks, and which I highly recommend you do.

Especially as it is one of GOG’s most highly-rated and well loved games.

That being said, Two Point Hospital, the updated version is still getting great reviews from game critics and players. Although quite a few do seem to think beating it is far too easy, and complain that the repetitiveness of gameplay gets a bit dull.

But, even with those criticisms, sometimes a Two Point Hospital walkthrough is useful. Something I used over the weekend myself when I was having trouble with queues in the game becoming completely unmanageable.

Going to my favorite YouTube walkthroughers, Biffa and Aavak, I discovered both have Two Point Hospital walkthroughs to watch. Both are also entertaining and, yep, helped me solve my queue problem as well as a couple of other minor problems I was having.

Biffa’s Two Point Hospital walkthrough is especially interesting as he was invited to go down to Two Point Studios in London and play the game before it was released. Since then, he has a boatload of hours in the game, and really knows how to play it in order to have the best gaming experience.

He explains the game well too.

Watch the first episode of both Biffa and Aavak’s Two Point Hospital walkthroughs below. They should help with most gameplay problems you are having, and give you a few hours of entertainment as well. You’ll find the rest of their series on their respective YouTube channels.

As for me, I have about 25 hours of gameplay in Two Point Hospital so far. And, yes, while I disagree with Biffa (who is in love with this game!), and still think Theme Hospital is better, Two Point Hospital is a fun game and is well worth a buy.

Especially if you enjoy business management games you can play for hours on end, and games that are not too challenging.

This awesome We Happy Few walkthrough is commentary-free if you don’t like lots of chatter