They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead Profiles Last 15 Years of Orson Welles Life

With Netflix showcasing some of the most innovative movies, series and documentaries, it should be no surprise that the streaming platform is where the new Orson Welles documentary They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead will begin airing in November.

Today, They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead got its first trailer on the Netflix YouTube channel. And it is a documentary that will release on Netflix alongside Orson Welles’ last and, until recently, unfinished film The Other Side of the Wind.

A somewhat autobiographical film about the struggles of an aging director to film and finish his best, and last, film. And the story of the last day of that director’s life.

Welles’ movie The Other Side of the Wind was also finished with the help of Netflix and so, after Welles first began filming it back in 1970, we will finally be able to see it.

As for the They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead trailer, you couldn’t find a better title for a documentary about the last 15 years of Orson Welles’ life.

A man who was once voted ‘the greatest director of all time’ by the British Film Institute. And yet a man who was also vilified in later life. Particularly after he turned his back on Hollywood, and chose to live in Europe instead.

Watch the They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead trailer below.  Because, yes, Orson Wells obviously knew they would. And so, he lived out the rest of his life under that assumption.

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead will premier at the New York Film Festival in late September. It will begin streaming on Netflix all over the world starting November 2nd.


Michelle Topham