Thimbleweed Park PS4 announce trailer will make you so excited for this gorgeous game

The Thimbleweed Park PS4 announce trailer will have you desperate to play this gorgeous game

The announce trailer for the Play Station 4 version of Thimbleweed Park is one of those rare trailers that makes you so excited for a game to be released without showing any fancy graphics, explosions or boss fights.

Because Thimbleweed Park is just a classic point and click pixel adventure game developed by the iconic duo of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick that, in this trailer, comes off as smart, funny, beautifully written and completely unique. Because it is.

And all that from a two and a half minute announce trailer that many younger gamers today would take one look at and dismiss with the phrase “ugly graphics”.

But please don’t. Because Thimbleweed Park is honestly one of the best games I have played in a long time, and a game many critics have lauded as being one of the best this year. And on Play Station 4, come on, it is going to be beautiful.

Thimbleweed Park will be released on the PS4 on August 22nd. It is also coming to the Nintendo Switch some time soon after that.

The game is already on PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One.

Now watch the Thimbleweed Park announce trailer below to see what I mean, because isn’t that just great?

Michelle Topham


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