This Age of Gladiators II: Rome Walkthrough shows you what’s important and what’s not (video)

Creative Storm Entertainment’s Age of Gladiators II: Rome is a new single-player turn-based combat strategy game set in Rome in 3000 AD.

A game that is getting mixed reviews on Steam at the moment, Age of Gladiators II: Rome is also being talked about as a quite difficult game — unless you play it on the easy setting, of course.

That’s because players find the weapon and armor degradation quite severe, as well as complain about having to take out constant loans just to be able to kit out their gladiator to any decent degree.


Some also say the leveling up seems to be a little borked, as they see their gladiators level up and so they spend their attribute, weapons and expertise points, but it never seems to make much difference in their performance in the ring.

Managing a gladiator’s morale and personality can also be difficult, with just a minor mistake having disastrous consequences.

These, and quite a few other reasons why the game can be a bit of a slog and more than just a bit unbalanced are maybe why you are looking for an Age of Gladiators II: Rome walkthrough.

A walkthrough that might help you figure out where you are going wrong, and be able to get your gladiators to a level where you are not getting your ass handed to you nine times out of 10.


If so, check out MrSmartDonkeyLP’s full Age of Gladiators II: Rome walkthrough in the five videos below.

He played the game before release, and does a damn good job of explaining which things are important in the game, and which you might be able to get away with ignoring, as well as what you might want to consider when choosing armor and equipment and while hiring your gladiators.

In other words, you get a decent game guide as well as a walkthrough.

Age of Gladiators II: Rome is currently on sale on Steam at 10 percent off until August 28th.

Michelle Topham