This Ash of War walkthrough is full game with all puzzles, cut scenes and missions

The new indie narrative-driven adventure game Ash of War has been in development by Two-Way Ltd. for the last three years. The game finally released on November 3rd.

And, while it definitely has indie hand drawn graphics and indie gameplay, in this case that is not bad. Especially as, along with the game’s emotions, they pull you in and make you want to play through to the end.

Ash of War tells the story of Joe, a computer video gamer who has always loved war games. So, when he enlists in the army as a medic after a terror attack, he expects his life to be the same as he has experienced in games.

Instead, Joe’s life becomes far more frightening and far more insane than he could ever have expected. And Joe finally learns that war is not the glorified version of events games always led him to believe it was.

While Ash of War has only about two to three hours gameplay in total, it still includes mini games, collectibles, secrets and achievements.

Some are easy. Some take a while to figure out or to complete.

If you do get stuck, however, there is an excellent Ash of War walkthrough from YouTuber The Blue Dragon that can definitely help.

It includes all puzzles, cut scenes and missions, as well as the game’s ending. All in 1080P 60FPS and with no commentary.

He also completes the game in less than a couple of hours.

Watch The Blue Dragon’s Ash of War walkthrough in the videos below.  You can buy the game on Steam.

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Michelle Topham