This Book of Demons walkthrough is fun and will help improve your gameplay

Book of Demons is a superb dungeon crawler with loads of unusual features

I played a couple of hours of the hack & slash deck-building hybrid Book of Demons from Polish developer Thing Trunk when it was still in Early Access on Steam.

At the time, I liked it well enough that I put it on my list of games to buy when they finally release. That release for Book of Demons came on December 13th.

Two weeks later, it is not only a popular game with a slew of reviews from gamers that love it, but is also now discounted in the GOG sale (20% off until January 3rd). That meant I grabbed it this week.

Just a couple of hours into gameplay, however, and I remembered quickly why I had found Book of Demons a bit frustrating a few months ago. The difficulty level, as I didn’t want to play on Casual mode, ramped up quite fast.

Time for a Book of Demons walkthrough

The solution? A Book of Demons walkthrough that gave me some ideas about what I was doing wrong.

Now, normally, I am not a huge fan of game walkthroughs with commentary. Especially if the gamer is a bit inane.

Wanderbots’ Book of Demons walkthrough, however, is great. Sure, he talks through most of his gameplay but he does keep quiet when dialogue is running. Plus, he is intelligent, and that helps keep my attention. A lot.

Wanderbots currently has 14 videos in his Book of Demons walkthrough, with a new one being added almost every day. That means there is plenty of gameplay to watch.

And yes, if you haven’t played or seen a Book of Demons walkthrough yet, the game is more or less a ripoff of the classic RPG Diablo, but created with delightful papercraft characters instead.

That fact does not make the game any less cool, however, as the art style is gorgeous, gameplay is interesting, combat is fun, there are a massive number of demons, voice acting is superb and, as long as you do not play in Casual mode, it can be a challenge.

It also has additional features I have not seen in any other game. Including the brilliant Flexiscope, which allows you to choose the length of your game session. It also learns your game playing styl, so its choice of game session lengths is more accurate as you spend longer in the game.

Sadly, the story is the area where Book of Demons falls short as it is quite bland. With so many other pros to playing the game, however, it is well worth a buy.

Watch the first video in Wanderbots’ Book of Demons walkthrough if you are still not sure. You will find the rest of his excellent walkthrough series on his YouTube playlist.

You can learn a lot more about this superb game on the developer’s website.

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