This Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial for Beginners from Quill 18 teaches all you need to know about the grand strategy game

When I saw Quill 18 uploading his Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial for Beginners to YouTube, I was bemused at first trying to figure out why he was publishing a three-part tutorial series for a game that has been out for seven years.

Then it dawned on me. Crusader Kings 2 is now free, and is likely to remain free for the foreseeable future.

That means, of course, there will be tens of thousands more people soon playing the popular Paradox grand strategy game, so what better time to create a Crusader Kings 2 tutorial for beginners?


Way to go, Quill.

And, of course, with Quill 18’s impeccable skills when it comes to explaining to other people how to play a certain game, he makes the tutorial easy to understand and fun, as well as all you need to know to be able to play the grand strategy game.

If you are looking for a Crusader Kings 2 tutorial for beginners, start off with Quill’s excellent three-video series (see below).

The following is just some of what you can expect to learn in the first video.

All expansions are turned off — Quill plays just the vanilla game, with all the expansions turned off. That means all the content included in the 15 expansions that have been released for Crusader Kings 2 so far is not included in his gameplay.


Choose your starting era — He starts his tutorial by walking you through choosing the right Crusader Kings 2 starting era.

The classic one many people choose is, of course, 1066AD and the High Middle Ages. The era after William the Conqueror has conquered England.

There are also four other built-in starting eras you can begin with, but do you have to?

No, you don’t. And that is where creating a custom game comes in. Something Quill 18 usually does, so he shows you how to do it here.

Setting up a custom game in Crusader Kings 2 — Quill usually plays in the Realms map mode, and he does that in this Crusader Kings 2 tutorial for beginners.

He also starts off on the 7th of August, 936 with what is now part of modern day Ireland — Mumu. A smaller country that is a little easier to manage.

You then need to choose which ruler you will play. Will it be the king, or will it be one of his subordinates?

Game rules — The next thing to do when starting your first game of Crusader Kings 2 is to choose your game rules. And this can be confusing.

First,  you need to figure out if you want an historically accurate game or one that is more alt-history. Do  you want a game that has supernatural events, or do you want it to be completely realistic?

If you want any of the events that are going to differ from the default, you will need to choose them on this screen. If not, just click the default button.

You will also want to decide if you want to use Ironman mode. This is where you can earn achievements, but it only saves your game in one slot. So, if you make a mistake, you can’t go back to an earlier time in the game and try again.

Rules for your ruler — Once you have chosen your ruler and all your rules, another screen will pop up informing you of any additional rules for your particular type of ruler. Quill is playing this tutorial game as an Irish Catholic Tribal leader, so he was shown a screen explaining all the rules for an Irish Catholic King.

Once you understand the rules for your ruler, Quill talks about a ruler’s subordinates and why it is important to keep them in your good graces.

Wealth, Prestige, Piety,Demesne Size and Score  — You also need to understand the importance of these features, as they have a huge impact on  your gameplay. Quill runs through each one before his game starts.

Quill eventually kicks off his Crusader Kings 2 game, and continues to explain a lot more about the game as gameplay continues.

All of this is just the beginning of Quill 18’s Crusader Kings 2 tutorial for beginners, and just a few minutes of video 1 of his three-video series.

You can watch all three of Quill’s Crusader Kings 2 tutorial for beginners in the videos below for a total of almost two hours of tutorial time.

You can also choose to watch them through first before attempting to play the game. Or you can run them alongside a game you are playing on another device while you are playing it.

Either way, his tutorial is excellent and, in my mind, far better than the tutorial that comes with Crusader Kings 2.

Michelle Topham