This Do Not Feed The Monkeys walkthrough shows alternate endings and more stories

A Do Not Feed The Monkeys walkthrough will show you new video feeds

The new simulation/strategy game Do Not Feed The Monkeys was released on GOG as a DRM-free game this week.

When you hear the game consists of you sitting at a monitor spying on various people via video feeds, while making sure you have time for eating, taking care of your health and managing your finances, you may think “That sounds boring”.

Nothing could actually be further from the truth, as Do Not Feed The Monkeys is a fun game on a par with the indie hit Papers Please, and pretty similar in its pacing.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys was developed by Russian indie developer Alawar, and has you the protagonist working for an organization called The Primate Observation Club.

That job requires watching four video feeds of people under surveillance, and taking notes about what you see.

As time progresses, more video feeds are added to your screen as more people are spied on, making the multi-tasking required to beat the game a little more hectic.

The game has multiple endings, making replayability an option, and the game itself is weird, quirky and quite unusual.

It also has an excellent soundtrack, with a huge number of music genres represented.

If you enjoy adventure games, or just love an interesting pixel art game, Do Not Feed The Monkeys may be right up your street.

The joys of a Do Not Feed The Monkeys walkthrough

Once you begin playing it, however, you may soon start to feel the pressure as all that multi-tasking required becomes more and more necessary.

That is where watching a Do Not Feed The Monkeys walkthrough comes in.

A good walkthrough can show you all the things you missed at the beginning that would have set you up to multi-task easier. It will also help you decide which order you should be doing tasks in if you want to stay ahead.

And, if you need hints about the observations you should be doing research on, and those you can ignore, a Do Not Feed The Monkeys walkthrough will help there too.

Plus, as the game has multiple endings and a slew of story videos you will not get in every game, a walkthrough will give you the opportunity to see them as well.

YouTube gamer Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon’s Do Not Feed The Monkeys walkthrough is a great place to start, as he has been playing the game for a couple of months.

That means his walkthrough not only completes the game once as a ‘good guy’, but he then heads out on another run through and goes the evil route instead.

Watch the first video in Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon’s Do Not Feed The Monkeys walkthrough below. You will find his entire series of videos, with lots of extras, on his YouTube playlist.

Learn more about the game on the Do Not Feed The Monkeys website.

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Michelle Topham