This Flipping Death walkthrough video may help you figure out what you missed

The new comedy puzzle platformer adventure game Flipping Death from Zoink Games was released earlier in the month to good reviews.

The game, of course, is called Flipping Death because Penny, the lead character, not only dies in the first act but she is soon given the temp job of playing Death and is able to flip between the world of the dead and that of the living.

Once there, she can possess different humans, and so go about her business solving the problems of the dead, as well as figure out why she herself died.

The game itself is a mix of puzzle platformer and adventure, and is very much based on the crazy humor of Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions. A genre the guys at Zoink Games apparently love.

It also has superb writing, gorgeous graphics and a quirkiness about it that makes it quite addictive.

Alas, Flipping Death can also be a difficult game in parts. Not usually because of the gameplay itself so much, but because the control of Penny’s stretched out limbs can be a bit of a problem to handle.

So much so, you are sometimes left wondering if it is the controls that are causing you difficulties or if the puzzle you thought you were beginning to solve has a completely different solution?

That is why, about 40 percent into the game, I looked online for a Flipping Death walkthrough. Not only to see how a puzzle I was trying to solve was actually solved, but also to see if I had missed anything important in the first half of the game (I had).

The Flipping Death walkthrough I finally watched all the way through, and got some help from, was an upload from GamerrZOMBIE. A YouTube gamer I like because he doesn’t do commentary in his games, he just plays.

If you’re finding puzzles in Flipping Death as difficult as some of the ones I struggled with,  you might want to watch it as well.

Flipping Death is currently available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are also boxed versions for Switch and the PS4 coming soon.

You can watch the first episode of GamerrZOMBIE’s Flipping Death walkthrough in the video below. The other six vids are available on his YouTube channel.

Michelle Topham