This Infliction walkthrough shows just how scary and creepy this indie game is

This full Infliction walkthrough is unsettling and scary

The Australian one-man game developer Caustic Reality’s survival horror game Infliction exceeded its Kickstarter goal earlier in the year.

At the time Caustic Reality, aka Clinton McCleary, promised the game would be finished and released for Halloween. And, unlike many major game developers with huge teams that often end up months behind schedule on their games, Caustic Reality delivered.

In fact, Infliction released on Steam on October 18th, in plenty of time for Halloween. And, so far, it is getting good reviews as well.

All in all, a decent outcome for a one-person show. Especially as Infliction is polished, generally builds the suspense throughout the gameplay rather than counting on cheap jump scares, is very scary and is fun to play.

Check out this Infliction walkthrough

Of course, Caustic Reality being such a small development team, you are not going to get a 30-hour game. As that would take one person years to complete.

That is why you can complete Infliction with just one and a half to five hours of gameplay. Depending on how fast  you go, and how long you spend finding and studying the clues.

So much so, YouTuber SHN Survival Horror Network has a full Infliction walkthrough already up on their channel.

A short walkthrough with no commentary, which helps make the scares even scarier, and one filmed in 4K 60fps and Ultra HD. It took them just one hour and 29 minutes to finish the game.

If you are looking for a fun horror survival game that is well-designed, quite creepy and unsettling and actually quite terrifying, you may want to pick up Infliction on Steam.

Meanwhile, watch the Infliction walkthrough below. That will give you an idea if you can handle it.

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Michelle Topham