This Metro Exodus walkthrough is on both Xbox and PC due to lag, and still amazing gameplay

This Metro Exodus walkthrough is a great way to check out this phenomenal game

Metro Exodus may have just released yesterday, February 15th, but YouTube gamer MK Ice and Fire has already finished his Metro Exodus walkthrough series, with 18 videos uploaded (including a ‘good ending’) and almost 16 hours of gameplay .

Interestingly, though, his Metro Exodus walkthrough started out on the Xbox One X, in 1080p HD and with no commentary.

By video five, though, he was so tired of the lag that apparently occurs when you use a controller with the game, he switched to a PC version of the first-person shooter for the remainder of his gameplay.


By the time his entire walkthrough series was uploaded, it still included the full game, all bosses and a ‘good ending’. He will be uploading videos of other endings in the next few days.

And, yes, even split across two platforms as this walkthrough is, the series is well worth a watch, as Metro Exodus is phenomenal.

Metro Exodus is one gorgeous game

The first thing you will notice when Metro Exodus fires up is the graphics are stunning, gameplay is not a quick run but more of a slow, stealthy move through an incredibly atmospheric world, and it all takes place in a huge number of different settings.


Lighting effects are gorgeous too, and the larger levels give you more freedom than in previous games. Mutants are unique and beautifully designed, with a huge number to survive from. Most of whom have to be killed in strikingly different ways.

Gameplay itself is fun, as stealth is challenging and, when you do decide to go the fire arms route, guns seem incredibly authentic and give off satisfyingly enormous booms.

The only minor drawback to the game is the voice acting is not always consistent across all characters, and is truly dreadful with some. With everything else in Metro Exodus being top-notch, though, it is easy to overlook the voice actors that are not.

A wonderful addition to Metro Exodus over previous games in the franchise too is that weapons merchants have been scrapped, and have been replaced with workbenches and a backpack.

The backpack is carried around with you, and can be used to craft items, It also allows you to change out weapon parts without having to go back to a base to do so. Something I am personally loving.

In fact, my only gripe about Metro Exodus is that protagonist Artyom never speaks. And, while I got the sense the developer seems to think this made the story more powerful, it didn’t. His silence just made it annoying.

Check out MK Ice and Fire’s Metro Exodus walkthrough to get a feel of how this game plays in the first video in his series below.

You can watch his entire walkthrough series from his YouTube playlist.

Metro Exodus is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The PC version of the game is not available on Steam for another year, but instead is exclusive to Epic Games.

Overall, I can’t say that othered me, as Metro Exodus is so good, who cares if I had to use yet another launcher.

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Michelle Topham