This Mind at Sea walkthrough completes this cool horror game in 15 minutes — watch

Mind at Sea — a short, but engaging first-person horror game

The first-person psychological horror game Mind at Sea was created by Cameron Harford as a way to improve his skills at the programming language C++.

As he says on his page, it ended up becoming a finished project that took him just three weeks to complete. He is now allowing anyone to download Mind at Sea for free, so that they can try it and then give him feedback.


After all, for any developer, you get better as you learn about the features players loved and things they feel could be improved upon.

The premise of the game is nothing more than a man lost in an underwater cavern system and, as far as we know, out at sea far away from civilization.

He has to navigate the caverns with nothing but a torch, while being hunted by someone who obviously has nothing but evil on his mind.

CJUGames’ Mind at Sea walkthrough

For many people, however, downloading a game, installing it and playing it is not always worth the time that needs to be spent on it. Not if they have limited time available, and do not want to spend it on an unknown game.

That is why a Mind at Sea walkthrough, like this excellent one from British YouTuber CJUGames, is useful.


He finishes his Mind at Sea walkthrough in just 15 minutes, has a soothing voice while commenting on his gameplay, which belies the horror of playing the game, and plays it well.

And, let’s just say, for a game that is supposed to be only 40 minutes long but is much shorter than that if you play it as CJUGames played it, the anticipation of being killed any moment while simultaneously trying to figure out where you should be going definitely gives you a rush of adrenaline.

Even if you’re just watching it being played.

For a low-budget indie game, the graphics of Mind at Sea are beautiful and the premise is interesting. The game also seems simple to play, is definitely engaging and, even though it would benefit from being longer, is still worth a few minutes of your time.

Especially if you choose to watch a Mind at Sea walkthrough rather than or even before playing the game yourself.

You can download Mind at Sea on if, after watching CJUGames’ Mind at Sea walkthrough, you still want to play it yourself.

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Michelle Topham