This Minecraft Dragonstone stronghold build is pretty impressive (video)

If you are both a fan of the TV series Game of Thrones and of the video game Minecraft, then you really need to watch this video from British YouTuber TrixyBlox. A video of his massive Minecraft build of Dragonstone — the Targaryen stronghold.

And here is how he did it.

TrixyBlox started off the build by planning out exactly what Dragonstone was going to look like before doing the terra forming so that the island itself looks like just the same as it does on Game of Thrones.


Once he had the island in place, he leveled off the top of it to give himself a flat building space and marked out Dragonstone in pink wool.

The wool stands out against the grey top of the island, making it easy to see where the complete Dragonstone build is going to end up and what it is going to look like.

Then it’s time for building the outer walls of the stronghold, all done in stone brick and 40 blocks tall.

Next, it’s time to work on the crenallations, or ramparts, and the other details of Dragonstone. He added more of these as, on Game of Thrones, the walls of Dragonstone look quite flat from the outside and that, of course, looks boring in Minecraft.


Once all the crenellation work is done, the roof of the stronghold is put into place using stone brick. TrixyBlox uses various lines of colored wool to map out the buildings that will be placed on the roof before building them.

He then builds all the towers over the colored wool, taking each floor up about 20 blocks high, and finishes up by building all the buildings on either side of the towers.

Finally, TrixyBlox moves to the front of the island to create the Dragonstone entrance, including designing two large dragon heads completely out of Minecraft blocks and an enormous wooden door.

He builds the road that winds up the cliffside to Dragonstone using cobblestone and stone.

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Once Dragonstone itself is finished, all that is left is to flesh out the landscape and add dirt and grass blocks to the cliff tops and sand around the shore line to make it all look more realistic, and as if the stronghold actually belongs there.

The entire build for the Minecraft Dragonstone stronghold took TrixyBlox around 10 hours. 10 hours of a job well done, I would say.

Watch how he built a Minecraft Dragonstone stronghold in his video below. It’s pretty impressive. Then why not try it yourself?

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