This RimWorld walkthrough shows everything you need to know about the simulation game

Even though RimWorld was first released in early access in 2013, and has been an incredibly popular game since then, it is also one of those games I have avoided buying.

No real reason why, except I never thought it was something I would be interested in, as gameplay seemed to be so involved.

Then I listened to a Yogscast Triforce! podcast (Triforce! #7: That’s Zen For Ya, Baby) where both Pyrion Flax and Sips persuade Lewis to buy RimWorld after they both raved about how brilliant the game was to play.

And, just like Lewis, as I heard them talk, I was already heading to Steam to buy it.

Of course, RimWorld is a relatively complicated game with so many choices of gameplay, just deciding how to get started can take an age.

So, as I always do, I headed to YouTube first to find out which YouTube gamer had a RimWorld walkthrough that may give me some ideas.

The best RimWorld walkthrough

Enter Quill18, and his now-56 videos and counting RimWorld walkthrough series. With the latest one being uploaded just yesterday.

Because sure, Quill might be a little anal, in that he explains every step of his gameplay as he goes. But, yes, he does explain every step of his gameplay, and why he makes the choices he does, which means you really learn.

The first video in Quill18’s RimWorld walkthrough starts off with the Canadian strategy gamer deciding to go with the AI Storyteller Cassandra Classic.

Not satisfied with just her, though, he also starts on Hard difficulty, as he wants to build a new base that is not remotely defensive.

He then chooses a base that is near small hills and a large river (chosen because he is playing in the Early Access 1.0 Beta version of the game when he starts out, and bridges have just been added), and relatively close to woodland.

Start watching Quill18’s subsequent RimWorld walkthrough in his first video below. The rest of his extremely long playthrough can be watched from his YouTube playlist.

If you are one of those that loves to immerse yourself in a game of this intricacy, I recommend you then watch every video Quill uploads in this fascinating series as, not only is he a superb strategy player, but he really knows his stuff.

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Michelle Topham