This ‘We Happy Few’ walkthrough is commentary-free and very helpful (video)

We Happy Few is the long-awaited indie survival and adventure game from Compulsion Games, published by Gearbox Publishing. It was released on 10th August, 2018.

It is a game I had been keeping my eye on for months, as the graphics are gorgeous, and the storyline quirky and unique. So, of course, I was one of the first to buy the game as soon as it hit GOG’s shelves.

I then immediately set out to play We Happy Few from beginning to end as the first character Arthur.

And, while I have not been disappointed with the graphics, the story, or the odd, weird and strange characters, and I do like the game, I did find some of it a little repetitive. Especially when it involved a lot of tramping around.

When I made mistakes along the way, and had to back track a fair bit, it became even more tedious. After a while that started to make the game a chore to play.

That is why I eventually put a few hours aside and watched an excellent We Happy Few walkthrough published by YouTuber MKIceandFire. He is my ‘go to’ for many of the walkthroughs I watch, as he produces them all commentary-free.

As per usual, he did not disappoint.

MKIceandFire’s We Happy Few walkthrough is a full 14 videos, so takes a while to get through. But, if like me, you are frustrated with the gameplay, it is well worth a watch.

You will also find it useful if you are more of a stealth player, as he chooses that option in many of the same places I did.

If you do not have the time or inclination to watch a full video series of a We Happy Few walkthrough, however, then I recommend this one from Neoseeker. When I went back to my gameplay, I referred to that one a few times as well, and it was very helpful.

If you don’t have the game yet, you can grab We Happy Few for PC DRM-free on GOG. It is also available on PS4 and Xbox One.

The first episode of MKIceandFire’s We Happy Few walkthrough is below. It should be incredibly helpful.

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