This World War Z walkthrough shows a Left 4 Dead clone that is bland and dull

This World War Z walkthrough is more watching a grind than anything else

Saber Interactive’s new third-person shooter World War Z was released on April 16th.

It is the Left 4 Dead inspired shooter that follows survivors of a zombie invasion in Tokyo, New York, Moscow and Jerusalem, but is also a game that is getting both good and bad reviews.

As, while some reviewers praise World War Z‘s “fantastic combat and solid level design“, others dislike the lack of content (it’s a short game), and a storyline that is barely there.

Popular video game site VG24/7 calls the game “bland and unambitious“, and a game with characters they have problems feeling any empathy towards.

Particularly as there is no line that connects the stories of the four groups of survivors, and character development is practically non-existent.

They also mention the size of the zombie hordes not feeling particularly oppressive. Meaning the game does not seem as scary or as challenging as Left 4 Dead.

As VG24/7 points out when they do not recommend buying the game:

It would have been great to see a few hundred zombies physically preventing you from advancing onto an area, or blocking a crucial escape route. You’re never really forced to cut through the waves or make any decisions other than figuring out the most efficient way of dealing with them.”

MKIceandFire’s World War Z walkthrough


Now, I’m not a person that usually pays much attention to game reviews. Especially as several of my favorite games most reviewers detested.

Not being a massive zombie horde fan to start with, however, I decided against picking up World War Z until I had a chance to watch a World War Z walkthrough, and see if it was remotely worth it (hint, it’s really not).

I also knew my favorite YouTube gamer, MKIceandFire, would likely be playing the game commentary-free. So that is where I headed. And was thrilled to see, not only a World War Z walkthrough on his channel, but one he completes the first part in in under four hours.

It will also include all endings and all boss fights, when he has completed the series. As it stands at the moment, though, his first World War Z walkthrough is available on one video, and can be watched in an evening.

He has also recorded it in 1080p HD, at 60FPS and played it on PC.

Having sat through MKIceandFire’s World War Z walkthrough, while his gameplay is smoothly superb as always and the graphics are nice, it is easy to see why VG24/7 did not like or recommend the game as a purchase.

Watch the MKIceandFire’s walkthrough below, and you will see quickly that the game is more a poorer quality Left 4 Dead clone than a game in its own right.

Voice acting is also pretty awful, dialogue is just plain bad, and the story is hardly there.

That means watching a World War Z walkthrough is little more than watching someone spend four hours grinding than anything else.

And, while I watch everything MKIceandFire puts it, it is still not something I am happy I wasted an evening doing in this case. The game’s fault, of course, not his.

Watch MKIceandFire’s World War Z walkthrough in its entirety below, and you will likely see what I mean.

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Michelle Topham