Tokunana anime series gets video trailer, key visual, cast and staff lists

I’ve had my eyes open for news about the upcoming Tokunana anime series for the last few months. Ever since I heard an original crime drama had been commissioned.

The show, officially called Keishichō Tokumu-bu Tokushu Kyōaku-han Taisaku-Shitsu Dai-Nana-ka -Tokunana –– aka Special Crime Investigation Unit — Special 7 in English — looked like it may have an interesting storyline and a good cast.

Plus, I’m a sucker for crime drama anything. Especially one that is also getting a manga series written alongside it.

Today a new Tokunana trailer was revealed, along with a key visual and cast and staff lists. Theme song information was also released.

The Tokunana staff list looks like this:

Chief Director: Takayuki Kuriyama

Technical Director: Harume Kosaka

Scriptwriter: Yuichiro Higashide

Chief Animation Director: Kazuo Takigawa

Character Designs: Hiroya Iijima

The following  additional Tokunana cast members were also announced:

Warlock, Nine’s ringleader: Hiroaki Hirata

Warlock’s right-hand man: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Black Pearl: Nobunaga Shimazaki

The official Tokunana theme song will be ‘Take On Fever’ by Japanese rock band OLDCODEX. A band that is certainly not new to the world of anime themes, as they also composed the opening theme songs for Free! — Iwatobi Swim Club, God Eater and Servamp.

You can hear part of their newly-written theme for Tokunana in the series’ trailer.

Watch the Tokunana trailer below, and keep up to date on new developments in the crime drama series at its website.

And I don’t know about you, but I think this looks like an original anime that could be well worth watching.

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