Tokyo Revengers (Omnibus) Vol. 7-8 out in print in English for the first time — publication date this month

Tokyo Revengers (Omnibus) Vol. 7-8 cover artwork

If you are a fan of the Tokyo Revengers manga by Ken Wakui, you might want to save February 7th to your calendar, as that is the day the Tokyo Revengers (Omnibus) Vol. 7-8 is published by Seven Seas Entertainment.

If you have already read through Volume 6, you will know this one is likely to be a page-turner as, at the end of Chapter 51 in that volume, we were left with a fight about to kick off.


In the Tokyo Revengers (Omnibus) Vol. 7-8, the winners of that fight will be revealed.

As Seven Seas explains about the plot in Volumes 7 and 8 of the hit action drama:

Takemichi’s attempts to return Baji to the fold have failed, and when he returns to the future, he discovers things are even worse than he feared. The future has changed, and with it, Takemichi’s past.

He remembers snippets of the upcoming battle between Toman and Valhalla, and he knows it ends with Kazutora killing Baji and Mikey taking bloody revenge. Can Takemichi convince Mikey not to kill the former friend who murdered his brother and now his best friend?! Does he even want to…?

The 414 page Tokyo Revengers (Omnibus) Vol. 7-8 publishes on February 7th for the price of $22.99 (slightly cheaper via Amazon)

Michelle Topham