Tom Odell ‘Hold Me’ – Ever Seen Passion Like This? (Video)

tom odell hold me


Tired of the musicians we’ve all seen, those that basically stand on a stage, apathetically sing into a microphone as if they couldn’t care less if they are there or not, and then call it ‘cool’? Then you need to watch this video. Tom Odell singing ‘Hold Me‘. Because you’ve never seen passion like this.

Tom Odell is a British singer-songwriter, and is just making a name for himself on the UK music scene.


He hit the news last year in a big way, when his dad contacted the music magazine NME┬áto complain about a ridiculously harsh music review the magazine gave his son, and other so-called ‘journalists’ decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Since then, Odell has won a couple of Brit Awards, released his debut album and, this Christmas, his cover of The Beatles’ ‘Real Love is being used for the famous John Menzies Christmas advert. Catapulting Odell into the charts just days after it was released.

Odell is becoming a big star in the UK. Expect that to continue outside the country, as his music is sung with such passion, he really is unusual.



Michelle Topham