Tom Odell’s ‘Constellations’ Vevo Presents Live Performance Even More Beautiful Than Original (Video)


Vevo Presents seems to get such amazing live performances out of the artists they invite to appear in the series. Performances that are often even better than the recorded versions we are so used to hearing.

Case in point, this Vevo Presents Tom Odell live performance of ‘Constellations‘, a track from his latest album Wrong Crowd.

Because listen to Odell’s vocals here. Just as beautiful as on the album version of the song, but even nicer as his voice has this even nicer emotional cracking to it sometimes that is so sweet to hear.

Watch Tom Odell perform ‘Constellations‘ live at Vevo Presents in the video below. He is just lovely.

And, of course, grab his new album Wrong Crowd now.

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