Top 10 Actresses with Sexy Voices – Penelope Cruz, Emma Stone and More (Video)

actresses with sexy voices scarlett johansson and penelope cruz


While many actresses are drop dead gorgeous, others are just as beautiful and have an amazingly sexy voice as well. And while, sure, we all have our own favorite actresses when it comes to what we think is a sexy voice, these 10 actresses with sexy voices tend to show up on most people’s favorite lists.

That’s because their voices are either husky and seductive, or laced with an accent that drives us wild.

The Top 10 actresses with sexy voices include Angelina Jolie (well, she’s just sexy — period), British actress Elizabeth Hurley (with her British accent), American actress Emma Stone, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz (how gorgeous is she), and French actress Eva Green. At least on this list from WatchMojo.

Check out these actresses with sexy voices in the video below.

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