Top 10 Bald Celebrities – These Guys Look Sexy Without Hair (Video)

vin diesel

If somebody said ‘Top 10 Bald Celebrities’ who would you immediately think of?

I’ve always wondered why when men start to go bald, so many of them grow their hair longer and do the ‘combover’. It’s not attractive. It never was. And, no, it never will be.

That is also why I’ve always liked bald guys. Guys who either shave their heads because they like the look, or shave their heads as soon as their hair starts to noticeably thin. Because, honestly, that to me shows the guy has self-confidence, as he can rock a bald head just as easily as he could his head full of hair.

As for celebrities with bald heads, there’s quite a list. The ones I always immediately think of are Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and LL Cool J.

Meanwhile, WatchMojo has come up with their own Top 10 Bald Celebrities list, and even profiled a couple of bald celebrities I had forgotten about. Men like British actor John Malkovich and tennis star Andre Agassi.

Watch their video below to find out who they decided was the number one bald celebrity. It may not be who you think?


Michelle Topham