Top 10 Interesting Minecraft Facts — Infinite World, Minecraft Denmark and More (Video)

If you are a huge fan of Minecraft like I am, you may be obsessed with interesting Minecraft facts. These are things about the game that you just think “Hmmm, that’s interesting”.

That’s why, when I found this new video from WatchMojo on the Top 10 Interesting Minecraft facts, I just had to watch it. After all, even a so-called ‘expert’ Minecraft player like me still might have missed something (I had).

WatchMojo’s interesting Minecraft facts include things like the game’s infinite world — which is not completely ‘infinite’ but still approximately 17 times bigger than the surface of the earth. Yep. Bigger than our own world.


Creeper the coding error is also included. You know the story where Minecraft creepers actually started out as pigs, but Notch got the coding wrong and they ended up tall and thin. Thus, the creeper was born.

The Denmark Replica is another one of those amazing Minecraft facts (this is the one I somehow missed, but now need to definitely check out).

The Danish Geodata Agency built the entire country of Denmark in Minecraft in an effort to get Danish kids interested in Geography. Minecraft Denmark was a 1:1 scale replica, which is completely downloadable if you have 1 terabyte of disc space. If not, you can download it in sections. How cool is that?

Watch WatchMojo’s video on Top 10 Interesting Minecraft Facts below for more cool stuff about the game. There are just so many reasons to love it, and more arriving every month.


Michelle Topham