Top 10 Video Games with Steep Learning Curves – Crashing and Burning ( Video)

Every gamer has played video games with steep learning curves. Games that are so difficult to get the hang of when you first start playing, you could quite happily delete the game off your hard drive and move on to something else. I have. Many of them.

That’s why I loved this video from WatchMojo — a video on the Top 10 Video Games with Steep Learning Curves. Games that make you crash and burn over and over again.

And while, of course, WatchMojo’s picks for the top video games with steep learning curves is just their opinion, I have to admit quite a few of the games I think of as such are on their list.


Games like the Starcraft series, which are hell to learn and to micro-manage. Or the X-Com series, which has so many random difficulty spikes in the games you often get stuck for hours in the same spot trying to defeat the same enemy.

And then there’s Kerbal Space Program, a game I gave up on just a few hours in as I found it beyond frustrating to learn.

Or what about the Civilization series of games? Games that have the most ridiculously complicated tech trees and the most detail-oriented game play, it’s amazing anyone can figure them out.

As for which game WatchMojo chose as the one with the worst difficulty curve? You’ll have to watch the video to find out, although let’s just say I wholeheartedly agree, and I think you might too.



Michelle Topham