Top Five Brad Pitt Movies: He’s Handsome, He’s Smart and He’s a Phenomenal Actor

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I never used to be a fan of Brad Pitt movies, until he married Angelina Jolie. Since then, I’ve become more interested in them as a couple and so, have watched or rewatched a lot of Brad Pitt movies.

For a lot of the world, Brad Pitt is a handsome hunk first and a great actor second. For me, I’m not into that type of handsome but, as an actor, Brad Pitt is one of the best and so are his movies.


If, like me, there are Brad Pitt movies you haven’t seen yet, or you’d like to watch movies starring Brad Pitt that you’ve seen before, check out what I think are the top five movies that Brad Pitt has made. Each one is different but, each movie showcases the astounding talents Brad Pitt has in a way that, even if you’re not a great fan, it makes it difficult to not like him.

Twelve Monkeys – One of my all-time favorite movies and one in which Brad Pitt actually only had a relatively small part is Twelve Monkeys. The story takes place in the future in a world where a virus has been deliberately released and five billion people have died.

Starring Bruce Willis as a convict who is sent back in time to try to figure out who released the virus, Brad Pitt plays Jeffrey Goines, the leader of an animal rights group “Army of the 12 Monkeys”.

Brad Pitt was so perfect in this small role, that he was nominated for an Oscar, which is why Twelve Monkeys is a must see movie for Brad Pitt fans as well as for science-fiction nuts.

Thelma and Louise – Brad Pitt became famous overnight for his role as a small-time robber, JD, who hooks up with Thelma of ‘Thelma and Louise’ after Louise has shot and killed a guy who tried to rape Thelma.


Thelma and Louise was a turning point for Brad Pitt’s movie career as it catapulted him into the spotlight, after he was seen in the movie not only incredibly handsome but also with great abs.

Also starring Geena Davies and Susan Sarandon, Thelma and Louise is one of Brad Pitt’s top five best movies because he’s just so hunky.

Kalifornia – This is Brad Pitt at his scariest and most bizarre. In Kalifornia, Brad Pitt plays Early Grayce, a down-home sounding country boy who also happens to be a serial killer.

Also starring Juliette Lewis and David Duchovny, Kalifornia is truly bizarre as the story centers around Duchovny, who is a research student traveling the US in search of stories about serial killers.

Little does he know that good ol’ boy, Early Grayce, is actually a serial killer himself. Kalifornia is truly horrific and no more so because of Pitt’s performance, which is so real it’s terrifying.

Kalifornia is on many top five lists of movies with Brad Pitt, and it easily made mine too.

Fight Club – Brutal, barbaric and honest, Fight Club has Pitt starring as Tyler Durden who hooks up with ‘The Narrator’, played by Edward Norton, when both men realize they’re pretty unhappy with their lives. Soon, they begin hitting each other, realize they love it and a global underground fight club is soon the next logical step.

This movie starring Brad Pitt is worth it just to see him bare chested. Really.

Burn After Reading – An Ethan and Joel Cohen movie, directors I normally despise, I loved Burn After Reading and mostly because of Brad Pitt.

Burn After Reading is the absolutely perfect vehicle for Pitt. His character, Chad Feldheimer, is a bit of dimwit who works at a gym and suddenly ends up in possession of the memoirs of a CIA agent. What transpires when Chad and his partner try to sell the memoirs is funny, disturbing and weird, but Pitt as the amiable dork is a master to watch.

Watching Pitt in this movie, he’s so superb at being a twit that you have to concentrate to realize he’s really one of the most handsome men in the world – now that is great acting!

If you love watching movies starring Brad Pitt and haven’t seen these top five or, you appreciate how fine these movies are and want to see them again, don’t hesitate.

I’ve seen all five movies three or more times each and, let me tell you, they hold up to repeated viewings too. No problem.

Michelle Topham