Tori Spelling’s Rose-Colored Hair is Gorgeous (Photo)

Shades of pink when it comes to hair has been getting more and more popular recently, but you must admit one of the prettiest shades has to be the rose actress Tori Spelling has just had colored into her long wavy locks.

Colored by celebrity hair stylist Guy Tang, Spelling’s rose-colored hair looks absolutely stunning — soft, sweet and sexy, and really suits her complexion well.

Plus, you can tell Tori herself is just loving her new hair color as, not only did she Instagram a photo of herself with the stunning colors, she also tagged it:


The big summer reveal… The amazing @guy_tang turned this bored blonde into a beautiful #rose Thx my friend I 💗 it! Tag someone who should go #rose for the summer!

And then followed it with a photo of herself wearing a stars and stripes sweater from Talbots, which looks lovely with her hair, and another with the 43-year-old actress wearing a blue bandana, white and blue nail polish and the comment :

I had a fabulous rose,white, and blue! How about you? How was your #4thofjuly?

Yep, Tori Spelling is loving her new rose-colored hair, and you really can’t blame her.

Michelle Topham