Total War: Rome 2 Gameplay Video: Soldiers as Big as the Pyramids

Massive soldiers compared to miniscule pyramids — drives me nuts.

Steve Butts from IGN sat down with The Creative Assembly ‘s Al Bickham at E3 this week to look at Total War: Rome 2 gameplay from the upcoming strategy game. As you might expect, what we got to see was pretty typical Total War — not that much different from previous games, if you ask me, expect a lot bigger game map..

In the Total War: Rome 2 gameplay video, The Creative Assembly revealed the campaign mode for the first time and showed how big the gameplay map is (four times bigger than what you’re used to). They also showed off some of the game’s features, and looked at ‘The Battle of the Nile‘, so gamers can see how a typical battle might play out.

One thing I will say, though, about The Creative Assembly and it’s something I’ve disliked in all their games, they seem to have a hard time designing soldiers, towns and buildings that are the correct size compared to everything else around them on the game map.

That, of course, is still the situation in Total War: Rome 2, with the pyramids in Egypt a bit too big compared to the teeny tiny city that’s close by and the massive soldier standing near them far too huge. Even the bloody camels are about an eighth the size of the pyramids. Perfect for a game produced 15 years ago, but for the present day? Completely spoils game immersion for me and it always has.

Other than that, though, the gameplay does like nice and cinematics are definitely improved from the last Total War game, although nowhere near as good as what many other development studios are producing.Overall, I’d have to say from what I’ve seen of Total War: Rome 2 so far, I expected to be a lot more impressed than I have been. Maybe I’m not so easily pleased?

Watch the video interview and Total War: Rome 2 gameplay below and see what you think.


Michelle Topham