Total War: Three Kingdoms concurrent players hit over 160,000 on launch day

If the number of people playing a game the day it releases is anything to go by, then the new Total War turn-based strategy game looks like it will be a big seller.

After all, Sega and Creative Assembly’s strategy title Total War: Three Kingdoms concurrent players hit more than 160,000 on launch day today. (See Steam chart).

162,592 players all playing the game at the same time, to be precise.

That is a huge number for any game, but particularly for Total War: Three Kingdoms as none of the other Total War games have had that many people playing concurrently on the day of release.

Critics’ response to Total War: Three Kingdoms

Then again, when you look at the critics’ responses to the game, it probably is not that surprising.

After all, with reviews calling it “close to flawless”, and raving about the game’s perfect balance of storytelling, art direction and character focus, this more than likely peaked players’ interest more than a little bit.

Then with critics like Venture Beat’s Rowan Kaiser calling it “the best in the series, the best in the setting”, yes, hundreds of thousands of strategy game fans’ interests were peaked even more.

So much so, Total War: Three Kingdoms had a higher number of pre-orders than any other game in the franchise.

Seeming to suggest players were even more excited about this the 12th game in the Total War franchise than they had been with any others, and all other Total War games always sold well.

One of the modes of Total War: Three Kingdoms is based on the classic 14th century Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is still one of the most loved books in East Asia almost 700 years after it was first published.

The other mode is based on an ancient Chinese text, Records of the Three Kingdoms.

Both give an historical authenticity few other games reach.

If you would like to see just some of what is grabbing so many Total War: Three Kingdoms‘ players attention today, check out The Yogscast’s Lewis, Tom, Ben and Sjin playing a fun and quite silly multi-player game in the video below.

Then skip below that and watch Enter Elysium’s first video in his Total War: Three Kingdoms walkthrough.

Once you have, you too will probably soon be one of the massive number of Total War: Three Kingdoms concurrent players as well.

You can grab Total War: Three Kingdoms on Steam so you can do that.

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Michelle Topham