Touring After the Apocalypse Vol 4 cover art has Youko and Airi relaxing around a campfire as a desolate city sits in the background

Yen Press has released the official Touring After the Apocalypse, Volume 4 cover art today, a couple of months before the manga itself is published. (See full cover below)

The latest Touring After The Apocalypse cover art has Youko and Airi camping by the side of a lake in Oarai.


Airi happily relaxing in a hammock as she eats a grilled fish on a stick and drinks a steaming cup of brew. Youko as she drinks the same steaming brew, and warms her feet at the fire.

In the background a dark city sits, deserted of humans and of life in this Japan that now only exists after the end of days.

Even so, the Touring After The Apocalypse, Volume 4 cover art is still as beautiful as the rest of this gorgeously-drawn manga.

Even in a world where most of us would now be dead.

What is the Touring After the Apocalypse manga about?

Written and illustrated by Sakae Saito, the manga follows Youko and Airi, two girls who left the shelter they were in after a world-ending event destroyed most of humanity.


They want to see Japan.

Traveling around Japan on a motorbike, they visit the tourist spots Youko’s older sister visited on her trip before the end of the world.

Along the way, they visit empty towns, look for food, are sometimes attacked by technology programmed to protect humans when they were still alive while meeting other technology that just wants to talk to them, and generally have an exciting time.

Sometimes one that is even relaxing.

The just-released official Touring After The Apocalypse, Volume 4 cover art

Yen Press published the first volume in the manga series in November, 2022, with the next two volumes coming out in March and July this year.

Now, Touring After the Apocalypse, Volume 4 is scheduled to be out on December 12th in both digital and paperback versions. Just in time for Christmas.

Yen Press has this to say about the plot:

Continuing their leisurely journey through the post-apocalyptic wastes, Youko and Airi stay the night in Oarai before racing up the Irohazaka slopes of Nikko and visiting the best hidden spots Saitama has to offer.


And as they leave the Kanto region, the two climb the Japanese alps to the Nagano Venus Line—one of the best driving roads in Japan! 

Mark your calendars. You can pre-order the new volume now through links to various sales platforms via Yen Press.

Michelle Topham