TowerFall Review: It’s a Must Buy for the Ouya, It’s Awesome (Video)

TowerFall is a must buy if you own an Ouya, it’s so much fun

I had the chance to play TowerFall today on an Ouya my friend owns and let me just say, holy moley, that’s a fun game. TowerFall is a multiplayer game, where four players (or less, if you like) pile in, jump up and down on various platforms and shoot arrows at each other. Throw in powering up while trying not to get shot, and the need to keep monitoring your arrows in case you run out, and that’s about it. But, did I mention the fun?

TowerFall is very fast-paced

If you don’t like fast-paced games, you will hate TowerFall. Everything moves so quickly that if your reflexes are not up to par, you’ll fail and fail and fail. I’m about mid-range so managed to hold my own, but my friend was so fast there was ultimately no beating him. Then again, he had played hours of TowerFall already, whereas I was the rank noob.

Secrets of TowerFall

While TowerFall seems like a simple game at first, there are quite a few secret features to learn and a variety of options to turn on that, once you figure out what they do, makes the game even more addictive and, yep, hard.

One hint about a trick you can do to increase your chances of being the victor — when your opponent starts firing arrows at you, try to catch them. If you can, that gives you more arrows and him less. Cool, eh? (Yes, it’s a trick my friend told me about. That doesn’t mean I actually managed to pull it off).

Single-player mode

While TowerFall is at its best in multiplayer, there is a single-player mode as well. I didn’t think it was as much fun, but it is a great way to practice your skills and keep yourself entertained if nobody else feels like playing.

Plus, with 21 maps to play on, the TowerFall single-player mode keep you going for a while.

TowerFall is exclusive to the OUYA, at least for now

TowerFall, by the way, is exclusive to the OUYA, for now at least. Although with the huge number of positive reviews it’s been getting and how well it has sold, chances are we may just see it on other platforms later.

It’s also only what’s called a ‘local multiplayer’, meaning you can only play with people in the same room and not across the internet with strangers. I’m not a big fan of online multiplayer, though, so that wouldn’t bother me at all.

TowerFall was created by a 25-year-old indie developer from Canada called Matt Thorson. The graphics were done by a husband and wife team who go by the name of MiniBoss and the music is by Alec Holowka. Nice job guys, it’s a great game!

In fact, for a fast-paced arena-style game, you really can’t go wrong with TowerFall. Plus, at only $14.99, it’s cheap.

Watch the TowerFall gameplay video from GameInformer below for some of the very cool action and then, yeah, buy it.


Michelle Topham