Trump blocked Stephen King on Twitter but can’t block anyone else as it’s unconstitutional

Trump blocked Stephen King on Twitter — what does he think about it?

I laughed a few months ago when horror writer Stephen King announced he had been blocked from Donald Trump’s Twitter account. King, who detests Trump, had apparently tweeted his ire at Trump one too many times, so Trump blocked him.

Fast forward to yesterday, however, and Trump is no longer able to block anyone else on Twitter. As much as he would like to.Why?

Because, yesterday, a Federal judge ruled a president cannot block someone on Twitter as the comments section of the site is a ‘public forum’. Therefore, if Trump blocks anyone, it is unconstitutional.

Weirdly, however, the judge also said the ruling only applies to future blocking. So that means, unless Stephen King opens a new Twitter account — which he very well could do — then he is still blocked from Trump’s Twitter.

The judge’s rationale for this ruling? She apparently thinks (erroneously, I would say) that her ruling should be “sufficient to force a change of behavior”.

All I can ask is has she actually read Trump’s tweets and does she know anything about the Lunatic in the White House? As, let’s face it, nothing changes Trump’s vile behavior, so a ruling by a Federal judge certainly isn’t going to alter it either.

Watch Stephen Colbert explaining, in his own weird and wonderful way, what this means for Trump and his Twitter account from now on in the video below, then continue on below that to find out what Stephen King had to say about it on Colbert’s show.

“He blocked me about eight or nine months ago,” said King.

“Why did he do that?” asked Colbert. “What did you say?”

“I might have said he had his head somewhere. Somewhere where a certain yoga position would be required to get it there”.

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“How did you strike back?”, asked Colbert.

“Well, I blocked him from seeing my next movie, which was It. So… no balloons for Donald Trump.”

Stephen King went on to say he also blocked Trump on his own Twitter account, as well as blocked Vice President Mike Pence.

“Because whatever Donald said, Mike Pence would come out and say “That’s right. Exactly”. Plus there’s something about Mike Pence that’s creepy, and I think it has something to do with the hair. The hair looks like it doesn’t have strands. It’s just there. He’s like the mean doctor on the soap opera that sells drugs, you know. Or has a prostitution ring from Bulgaria. He has that look”.

Yep. You can pretty much guarantee Stephen King detests both Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Then again, who with half a brain doesn’t?

Michelle Topham