Trump lied about his own ‘Swedish’ heritage while daring to call Senator Warren ‘Pocahontas’

Trump lied about his own ‘Swedish’ heritage while daring to call Senator Warren ‘Pocahontas’

You have to wonder about the hypocrisy of a ‘president’ who accuses someone else of lying about their background and ancestry when he and his family lied about theirs for decades.

Such is the case of the current United States ‘president’, Donald Trump. A man who called Senator Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ for the umpteenth time yesterday, during a White House ceremony that honored Navajo World War II heroes.

Beyond inappropriate, of course, especially during a ceremony honoring Native Americans. Then again Trump wouldn’t recognize inappropriate behavior if it jumped up and smacked him in the face.

And why did Trump use the racist epithet ‘Pocahontas’ when talking about Senator Warren?

Because, during her 2012 campaign, she was accused of claiming she had Native American ancestry when, in fact, she didn’t.

As Warren has explained over and over again, however, it was always talked about in her family by her mother and grandmother that they had Cherokee roots. So Warren and her brothers grew up always believing they had Native American ancestry.

Warren also never received any special benefit because of her Native American heritage. She didn’t ask for any either.

And now we come to the hypocrisy of Donald Trump.

A man who always seems to be calling out people accused of something he has actually done himself (to wit, his call out today on Twitter of The Today Show‘s Matt Lauer, who has just been fired for sexual harassment, when Trump himself has more than 16 women currently accusing him of sexual harassment, as well as there being the existence of that well-shared recording we have all heard of him talking about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’).

So, it’s hardly surprising that, as he is accusing Senator Warren of misrepresenting her ancestry, Trump himself has not only misrepresented his, but has done so knowing it was an absolute lie.

In fact, who did lie about their ancestry to advance their career? Trump and the Trump family.

In his book “The Art of the Deal“, Trump wrote about his father — “Fred Trump was born in New Jersey in 1905. His father, who came here from Sweden as a child…”

Which, of course, is not remotely true as Trump’s father came from Germany.

But, the Trump family has never wanted to acknowledge their German heritage, especially as Trump’s father was trying to sell New York apartments to Jewish families right after World War II. Hence…he told people his heritage was Swedish.

Trump, of course, has just continued to repeat the lie of his Swedish heritage ever since.

Watch the MSNB video below to find out about the excuse Trump used when asked why his family continued to lie about having Swedish heritage. It’s a doozy.

And, of course, Senator Warren would be well within her rights to call Trump “Adolf” every time he refers to her as ‘Pocahontas’. Then again, that would never happen as she has far better manners than the Lunatic in the White House.

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Michelle Topham