Two Worlds Sing ‘I Will Dance’ – Written for Selma, Alabama (Video)

two world i will dance


I love trawling YouTube as you find some amazing music, often from singers who are not (yet) famous and who have the most beautiful voices. Take Two Worlds for instance. A duo that have been together since 2012, and produce some of the best pop covers I’ve heard.

Two Worlds is Nicky Scott and Adiel Mitchell. They do a lot of amazing covers, but are also writing their own songs — which are equally as fabulous.

One song Two Worlds has written that I particularly like is a song called ‘I Will Dance‘.

I Will Dance‘ was written for an upcoming documentary of the same name about the race issues still prevalent in Selma, Alabama (the town that had a huge impact on civil rights in America with the Selma to Montgomery marches), 50 years after Selma first hit the news for its Voting Rights Campaign. It follows a group of teenagers in a dance company called RATCO, and their trip to New York City to dance on Broadway. It’s a lovely song, a powerful video, and likely to be an even more powerful movie.

Listen to and watch Two Worlds singing ‘I Will Dance‘ below. Fabulous, aren’t they?


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