Tyler Ward Sings ‘Blank Space’ Cover on YouTube: So Cool (Video)

tyler ward blank space cover


I already like Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Blank Space but, honestly, I’m liking Tyler Ward’s cover version of ‘Blank Space‘ even more.

Tyler Ward, just in case you’re not aware, is an American singer from Aurora, Colorado who first became popular on YouTube. Since he started uploading videos, however, he’s done three world tours, and played with The Jonas Brothers among other artists.

Tyler is known for both his original songs and his cover work, but his cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space‘ is one of the nicest I’ve heard him do yet. That’s because it’s a little bit more poignant and less ‘in your face’ than Taylor’s version, and it’s definitely quite a bit more alternative country.

Listen to Tyler Ward’s cover of ‘Blank Space‘ below. Isn’t that awesome? Oh, and you can find out more about him on his Tyler Ward Music website.


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