Ubisoft’s ‘For Honor’ Weekend Beta Getting Mixed Reviews — P2P is Not Helping

More than 3 million people are apparently signed up for the For Honor beta at the moment. The new Ubisoft melee action game’s beta went live this weekend, with access to it through tomorrow (Monday), depending on which time zone you are in.

As far as the reaction to the game, however, from just a cursory scroll through the comments of some of the people on Steam who have already played it, it is definitely a mixed bag.

Because quite a few people are saying, while the game is gorgeous, it is incredibly “unbalanced” and the learning curve is steep. Thus making it very difficult to play and beyond frustrating for some.

A few others, however, are saying it’s an excellent game.

Many are also complaining about connection issues, which apparently have plagued For Honor most of the weekend. This has caused a huge amount of player frustration and, consequently, made a fair number of people advise others to “avoid” the game.

It’s a beta, though, so that is honestly to be expected. Especially with the enormous number of people being given access to it.

Sadly, though, Ubisoft did choose to go with P2P instead of dedicated servers (and you have to wonder what on earth they were thinking?), so the connection issues could end up being a problem for a while.

So far, I haven’t played the game, but from watching the trailer below, I have to say it does have very nice graphics.

From the comments, however, if it was me, I would be avoiding For Honor for a little while until things settle down, the game gets on more solid ground and the comments about it are a little less extreme.

As that is when it will make more sense to spend $60 on a game. Or not.

For Honor will be released on February 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Up to you if you buy it on release day or wait. to see which direction the reviews go in.

Michelle Topham