Uhm Jung Hwa starring in comedy film Okay! Madam 2? Here’s what we know so far…

Uhm Jung Hwa in Doctor Cha — Photo courtesy JTBC

According to Korean entertainment news, actress Uhm Jung Hwa is set to star in the upcoming comedy action drama Okay! Madam 2.

Released in 2020, Okay! Madam, the first film, is a superhero action-comedy about a couple who are unexpectedly caught up in a plane hijacking on their first overseas trip and must put aside their ordinary pasts to carry out a rescue operation using their hidden skills.

In the first film, Uhm Jung Hwa played the role of Mi Young, the owner of a bread stick company, and showed off her superb acting talents as she mixed both action and comedy to great effect.

Whether the 54-year-old actress will star in the film’s sequel, however, is still up in the air as the production company of Okay! Madam 2 released a statement yesterday saying:

We confirm Uhm Jung Hwa is in talks to appear in Okay! Madam 2, but we are currently still in the planning stages, and so will not be confirming the cast until later this month at the earliest.

In other words, it sounds pretty likely we will see her heading up the cast soon.

A cast, by the way, we hope is as superb as the first film’s, which featured a star-studded cast that included Park Sung Woong, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Sun Bin, Bae Jung Nam, Kim Hye Eun, Choi Jin Ho, Kim Nam Gil, Kim Mi Hwa in lead or supporting roles.

Uhm Jung Hwa’s previous roles

Since Uhm Jung Hwa’s appearance in the first Okay! Madam film, she has been an busy actress. Even during the time mass hysteria over Covid shut down much of the entertainment industry.

Last year, she starred in the smash-hit Netflix/JTBC drama Doctor Cha, which became one of the most successful non-English TV shows on the streaming platform that year, and went on to become the 8th most-watched cable TV drama of all-time.

In 2022, she also starred in another hit drama Our Blues, which is currently the 18th most-watched cable TV drama of all-time..

And in films, she was the main female lead in the movie Miss Fortune.

In previous years, Uhm Jung Hwa also starred in popular dramas like You’re Too Much, Witch’s Romance, The Man Who Can’t Get Married, and Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, and in films Wonderful Nightmare and Venus Talk.

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