Uzari & Maimuna Release Official ‘Time’ Video for Eurovision Belarus Entry: Love the Violin

belarus eurovision song


The Belarus representatives for Eurovision, Uzari & Maimuna, have just released their official video for their song ‘Time‘ and it’s quite a powerful one, what with the woman trapped in the slowly emptying hourglass, and with a heckuva lot of energy in the song — especially if you play it loud, like I did.

The Belarusian duo are interesting as well, with a hip, cool pop singer songwriter with a gorgeous voice (Uzari) and a beautifully classically-trained violinist (Maimuna) not your usual pairing. (I specifically love the violin sections of this song too, as it gives it more of an eerie quality).

As for ‘Time‘, while it’s not one of my Top 3 of the competition, it’s definitely a good song, and should see Belarus easily into the Eurovision final in Vienna.

Watch the official video for Uzari & Maimuna’s ‘Time’ below. Nice, eh?


Michelle Topham