VA Kujira joins Astro Note cast as Oba-chan the gossipy neighbor – another quirky character in the bizarre (and fun) anime

The latest update for the upcoming original TV anime Astro Note introduces a fresh addition to its cast.

Renowned voice actress Kujira, known for portraying Orochimaru in Naruto, will be voicing Oba-chan (“Auntie”), an elderly woman characterized by her lively and gossipy nature, and who is often found engrossed in conversations with her neighbors.

It also happens to be Kujira’s 63rd birthday tomorrow (April 1st), so that’s a lovely gift for her, isn’t it?

Fun new Astro Note Key visual has characters seemingly very happy

Accompanying this announcement is a newly unveiled Astro Note key visual.

It features main characters Mira and Takumi, while supporting characters, including Oba-chan with her purple hair and brightly-colored clothes, smile and wave in the background.

Now this looks like an anime that may warm your heart!

Well… until you watch the Astro Note trailer released a couple of weeks ago (watch below), and realize this one is full of quirky characters and a bizarre plot.

Yep, if you enjoy something different, this looks amazing!

New Astro Note key visual featuring Oba-chan and the rest of the anime’s quirky main characters

The Astro Note staff

Astro Note is under the direction of both chief director Shinji Takamatsu (Grand Blue) and Haruki Kasugamori (Dragon Goes House Hunting)

Series composition is being handled by Kimiko Ueno (Delicious in Dungeon), while Maho Aoki is both designing characters and chief animation director.

Kouhei Munemoto (I’m Quitting Heroing) is composing the anime’s soundtrack, and Telecom Animation Film (Orange) is in charge of anime production.

The original TV anime Astro Note will premiere in Japan on April 5th, and on Crunchyroll soon after.

If you like an anime that’s zany, weird and hilarious, this one looks like it will hit all the right spots.

More info: Official Astro Note website


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