Valentina Monetta Sings ‘Maybe’ at Eurovision 2014 Final: Countdown to Eurovision 2015

valentina monetta eurovision 2014 grand final san marino

Watch Valentina Monetta’s lovely performance of ‘Maybe‘ at Eurovision 2014

Valentina Monetta represented San Marino at Eurovision 2014 with a song called ‘Maybe‘. A song that was in my top 10 of the Eurovision Grand Final, as it was such a romantic old-fashioned Mediterranean-style ballad. And a song I’m showcasing today as my Countdown to Eurovision 2015 track. (10 days to Semi Final 1 and 14 days to the Grand Final).


Eurovision 2014 was the third time Valentina Monetta had represented San Marino at Eurovision, and it was the first time she made it through to the final. It was also the last time she would participate, so it was only fitting she was able to give her final Eurovision performance at the Grand Final.

A performance, by the way, that was lovely. Even if she only ended up in 24th place (bloody juries).

Michelle Topham