Valkyria Chronicles 4 opening movie for western version released — it’s on its way, yay!

Sega’s tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles 4 released on PlayStation 4 in Japan back in March this year. The North American and European version is due to release in September. Yay!

Today, Sega released a two-minute long opening movie video to help kick off more serious promotion for the upcoming game.

The video has the opening cinematic for Valkyria Chronicles 4, with utterly gorgeous graphics. Although that is to be expected if you have seen anything of the first three games in the series — (I haven’t played any of them, but I have been drooling over the graphics for eons) — and the game itself looks as cool as hell.

Valkyria Chronicles 4, of course, is set on the continent of Europa, and with a completely new group of characters than the first game. Some of whom you get to see in the opening movie video (check it out below).

Valkyria Chronicles 4 launches on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 25. Just over two months away. Are you excited?

Hell, I have only ever watched walkthrough videos of the first three games, and I am incredibly excited.

Watch the opening movie video below, and get a glimpse of some of what you can expect. Because, man, that’s a beautiful looking game.