Victoria Coren Mitchell Says James Bond is a Terrible Spy: God, She’s Amazing (Video)

victoria coren mitchell


Victoria Coren Mitchell is brilliant. She’s one of those women who is not only incredibly intelligent and beautifully eloquent, but she has a kickass sense of humor as well. In fact, she’s one of those women who intimidates most men. Which, yep, I have to say, I love.

This week, Victoria Coren Mitchell was on the BBC’s ‘Room 101‘ this week, where she called James Bond a ‘terrible spy’, and went onto explain all his shortcomings. Which is yet another thing you don’t always think about until Victoria Coren Mitchell points it out.

As usual, she was spot on, very funny and proved yet again how she sees things a lot of other people don’t.

Watch Mitchell in the video below. Isn’t she great?


Michelle Topham