Victoria Coren on Why She Hates English Breakfast Tea (the Phrase Not the Drink) – Video

victoria coren on tea

Victoria Coren is a phenomenal woman – intelligent, accomplished and hilariously funny, and most of Great Britain seems to agree.

But I had to laugh even more than I normally do at her when I stumbled across this clip this week of Victoria Coren on why she hates English breakfast tea – that would be the phrase ‘English breakfast tea’, you understand, and not the drink itself.

According to Victoria, there’s no such thing as ‘English breakfast tea’, as it as after all just ‘tea’.

Watch the video for more on what Victoria Coren really thinks about the subject and, yes, she’s just as outspoken as ever.

She even manages to bring Starbucks into the conversation, and says exactly what she thinks of them. And, no, it’s not very complimentary!

Michelle Topham