Vinland Saga director Shuhei Yabuta thanks staff, fans, Makoto Yukimura after final episode airs

There is a lovely message that has just shown up on the Twitter account of Vinland Saga director Shuhei Yabuta.

A tweet thanking all the fans for watching the hit anime series, and the staff that worked on it for all their hard work.

The tweet was made as the final episode of Vinland Saga, Season 1, — Episode 24 “END OF THE PROLOGUE” — airs on Amazon Prime today.

To the fans, Shuhei Yabuta said:

“Thank you for watching # VINLAND_SAGA ! Without your encouragement, my team could never finish the work! I’m very pleased to engage in conversation with everyone through this title! The story ends once, but I would be grateful if you could keep expanding the world of VINLAND!”

To the staff, he wrote (translation from Japanese):

“In addition, all the staff who were involved in making the work, thank you! We were really thankful for the help with such an epic manga animation. I think all of the advantages of the anime were utilized, and I think it was as thick as the original! Please rest and heal the wounds …”

He went on to add:

“And please be proud of your work (T ^ T) I wish you could be a little bit more involved in work like this for your career! I hope you can join us somewhere again! Thank you very much (* ⁰▿⁰ *)”

Of course, Shuhei Yabuta didn’t forget Makoto Yukimura, the manga artist whose superb work the Vinland Saga anime is based on, either:

“Thank you, Mr. Yukimura and everyone who gave me the opportunity to direct this film. I was able to meet the wonderful staff and work hard to convince me that I could make my own work. Thank you for all the help you have given me. Thank you very much!”

Vinland Saga began airing on Amazon Prime on July 7th with the first episode “Somewhere Not Here“.

Since then, the gorgeously drawn and animated anime series, with its superb story, exceptional voice acting and epic songs and music, has captured the imagination of critics and fans alike.

IGN called it “a classic anime in the making“, and it has appeared at the top of a number of Best Anime of 2019 lists during the holiday season.

Not surprising as it truly is one of the best anime series to come out of Japan in years.

And so we would like to say to director Shuhei Yabuta, “Thank you. You did an incredible job”.

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